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This is the story of a snare:

From the hands of a poacher created to kill, set along an animal path, destined for death. Saved by the compassion of a wise field ranger and turned into a symbol of hope. A piece of wire, now worn by the world #wearthestory  to create and spread awareness for the love of our wildlife. 

When holding it in your hand, it is just a piece of wire with a loop here and a knot there, but placing it in the hands of a poacher, it becomes deadly.

Snaring is a widespread and serious problem killing millions of animals across the world each year. It is a highly effective method that involves a low cost and effort from the poacher.

Wildlife that manage to escape seldom survive without human intervention, and often succumb to their injuries. Dying a slow and painful death. 

The Down to the Wire project was inspired by the lack of awareness of snaring in general and the effects it has on wildlife.


Our aim is to convert these snares into something inspiring, useful and beautiful  that symbolises hope for our wildlife and a way of raising awareness on the critical topic of snaring. Our goal is to educate as many people about the negative impacts snaring has and why it is so undesirable from a conservation perspective.


All our products are uniquely hand crafted by our Down to the Wire team. 


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