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We strive to create awareness on a critical topic - POACHING

One of the most ruling methods of this inhumane act, is snaring.

DOWN TO THE WIRE addresses one of the biggest threats

to our precious wildlife. Finding alternative

ways to turn what once was so destructive into hope.


Anti-poaching units are doing their part by removing these death traps

from our wildlife areas. Once removed, these snares serve no other purpose.

Our quest is to rework these snares into

uniquely hand crafted bangles as

a symbol of life.


Any animal affected by snaring, should not be left unaided,

regardless of their size or endangered status.


Funds raised are made available

to a select group of wildlife veterinarians - who

have dedicated their lives to making a difference within

wildlife conservation, to cover costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

The Story of a Snare

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